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3 Ways Your Signage Shows Off Your Brand

Written by SignClick Admin on March 23, 2017
3 ways signs show off your brand

Branding is the face of your business. It represents who your company is on the inside. When used on clear and colorful signage, advertising can enhance your business’s brand. That’s why it is important that your brand is clear and understood across all printed materials. Signage is a vital part of that clear communication.

Before deciding on signage, think of how you can make your brand more cohesive. Do you already have a logo? Do you have company colors? Do you use several fonts for several different types of communication? Try to standardize. Make sure your company’s brand is clear and consistent by using the same graphic design items. Here are some helpful ways to communicate your brand when advertising on signage:

1. Name Three Adjectives for Your Company

Brainstorm to get the creative juices flowing. Describe who you are as a business in three words. Are you trendy? Modern? Family-oriented? Thinking of words to describe your company can help you visually represent those characteristics on money-making signage. It’s your brand. For example, a sleek black and white sign with modern graphics would work well for a hot, new restaurant but wouldn’t be understood for a daycare advertisement.

2. Materials Are Important

Think about how long you plan to have your sign or banner out attracting customers. Aluminum signs are perfect for more long-term use. Think coroplast custom yard signs or banners for something short-term.

Aluminum signs are durable and stand the test of time. For their design, think about choosing information that won’t go out of date. For instance, your eye-catching company logo and clearly-printed website will look great on an aluminum sign. Aluminum signs are also good for companies that need to be viewed as traditional and professional (banking, realty, law offices) as they are more sturdy and permanent than other signs.

For special projects or advertisements, use coroplast signs. These tough signs take a beating, but are less expensive than their aluminum counterparts. These are also great for directional signs, pointing your customers to a special event or even specific parking.

Remember when designing front and back signs that have directional arrows, the arrow will point opposite directions (to the left on one side, to the right on another).

When using banners, think big. Use large and colorful banners to promote major events for your business. Put banners on your storefront or on sign posts that are visible to passing traffic. The banner should incorporate your brand with consistent colors and logos, and should advertise something special.

3. Choose Fonts and Design Wisely

After you have selected your adjectives, think about how to visually represent your brand through design and fonts. Choose fonts that look like your adjectives. Sans-serif fonts lean more modern, while serifs fonts skew more traditional. Avoid trendy or hard-to-read fonts. Curly cues and letters with thin lines are too difficult to read on signage. Your main objective is for people to read your sign! Don’t make it difficult.

Whatever you do, edit, edit, edit. You can create custom signs online that allow you to tweak your designs until they’re perfect for you. Don’t try to write your entire business plan on a sign. Think about the exact thing you are trying to communicate with your audience. Be specific. Think of your strengths and advertise those. Does your construction company specialize in basement renovations? Does your restaurant have an amazing lunch special? You don’t need to list the entire job list or menu. Keep each sign to one main idea.

Text and graphics should be large, eye-catching and clearly legible from several feet away. You want people driving past your sign to be able to read it. Your company logo and website need to be the main part of the design. Try not to clutter the sign with unnecessary text and graphics.

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