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4 Ways Yard Signs Can Help Your Real Estate Marketing

Written by SignClick Admin on June 5, 2017
4 Ways Yard Signs Can Help Your Real Estate Marketing
Most house buyers find properties online, but the classic custom yard sign still proves popular. If you are a real estate agent, these small advertising signs are a powerful marketing tool. They generate leads, increase the visibility of your real estate agency and provide you with a hefty return on your investment. Here are four reasons why yard signs will transform your real estate marketing.

1. Yard Signs Attract Both Buyers and Sellers

Eight percent of homeowners said they first found out about the property they purchased from a yard sign. That is more than the number of people who discovered a property from a newspaper ad, home builder or friend. Moreover, 33 percent of for-sale-by-owner sellers used a yard sign to market their home — 12 percent more than those who hosted open house viewings. These stats prove the effectiveness of yard signs. Despite new technology — real estate websites, social media, video, etc. — this traditional marketing method still works.

2. Yard Signs Increase Visibility of Your Business

Yard signs increase the visibility of your real estate business. They instantly catch the eye — “For sale” is typically emblazoned across the front and back — and let people know a new property is on the market. Fifty-three percent of people look for yard signs when searching for a home, according to the National Association of Realtors. When used with other marketing methods like multiple listing services, using SEO companies for your website and open house viewings, yard signs boost exposure among a broad range of people.

3. Yard Signs Provide You With More Flexibility

Unlike some other marketing methods, yard signs are completely flexible. The best ones are made from coroplast or aluminum — lightweight, weather-resistant materials. You can place your yard sign almost anywhere in front of a property: on the lawn, on the porch, close to the main road, etc. These signs also impact prospective homeowners multiple times. A newspaper ad might run once. However, most people view yard signs on multiple occasions, especially if a sign is located on their route to work.
Some real estate agents think yard signs are too expensive, but this isn’t the case. Local newspaper ads can cost around $200. Yard signs are much a cheaper way to market properties and you can use them many times.

4. Yard Signs Let You Sell Homes Quicker

Some homes can be a tough sell. Using a yard sign, however, could increase your chances of selling properties that have been on the market for a long time. Using bold colors and your company logo on your sign could prove more effective than print media ads or digital listings. In fact, one customer reported a 60 percent boost in business after putting up a lawn sign.
If you want to revolutionize your real estate marketing, investing in yard signs might sound simple, but it could prove to be a solid investment. These signs are seen by multiple people on multiple occasions, increase the visibility of your real estate business, help you sell homes in a quicker time frame and attract both buyers and sellers.
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