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Draw Attention to Your Next Event With Coroplast Signs

Written by SignClick Admin on August 2, 2017
Draw Attention to Your Next Event With Coroplast Signs

Are you looking for an effective way to direct more traffic to your next big event? If so, coroplast signs can be the ideal solution. Placing the right signs in strategic locations will enable you to attract attention and entice more customers or clients. The trick, however, is to use high-quality materials— such as coroplast signs—that stand out and really make a statement.

Benefits of Coroplast Signs

Many great benefits come with using high-quality coroplast signs. These include:


One of the great benefits of using coroplast signs is that you can customize them to meet your specific goals. You can determine the colors, sizes, styles, fonts, graphics and wording to use on your event signs. This allows you to create signs that seamlessly match your company brand, as well as the themes of your special events.


Coroplast signs are also versatile. You can use them both indoors and outdoors, allowing you to place them at the most strategic locations. In addition, you can use single-sided signs, which are perfect for indoors and storefronts, or double-sided signs, which are ideal for outdoor use. Since these signs are so lightweight, they are easy to place almost anywhere.


Don’t let the versatility and weight of these coroplast signs fool you into thinking they are temporary. They are indeed extremely durable. Not only can these signs withstand the various weather elements, including rain and snow, but they are also resistant to dents and warping.


Another important benefit of coroplast signs is that they are affordable compared to other options, such as metal signs. This enables you to purchase the signage you need for your upcoming event while sticking to your marketing budget.

Tips for Using Coroplast Event Signs

When creating your custom event signs, keep your target audience in mind. Use powerful graphics that will grab the attention of people passing by and persuasive wording that will entice people to take action and come to your event. You can create your custom sign design on your computer and download it when placing your order or use Sign Click’s user-friendly tool to create your design right online.

Always give your custom yard sign design a second check before placing your order. Proofread your sign for correct grammar and spelling, and make sure all the necessary information is included. If possible, have a second person double-check the look of your sign before finalizing your order. This will help to prevent any errors from appearing on your signs.

Definitely place your signs strategically. The good thing about coroplast signs is that you can use them in so many different ways. You can display them inside the store or in the store window. Think about where people are most likely to look when visiting your location. Coroplast signs can also be attached to metal frames and placed on front lawns, along the sides of roads and beside buildings. This literally lets you redirect traffic right to your front door.

Give your next big event the attention it deserves when you order custom signs online that are made of high-quality, cost-effective coroplast. Our coroplast signs are made in America with thick corrugated plastic and completed with a gloss finish to provide a professional look. Learn more about Sign Click’s custom event sign options today.

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